Cocott Traiteur Verdun

From snack to feast.
Cocott’... the Coq Hardi Shop and Catering Service.
Cocott is also an inspiring name that speaks volumes about serving the best...

All your meals on a platter

So for frugal lunches, lunch on the go, little morning or afternoon
hankerings satisfied with flaky baked goods, pastries, ice cream...
from prepared dishes to take away for dinner to complete meals ordered,
delivered, and even... the planning of a complete gourmet event, wedding,
banquet, cocktail party, celebration... Cocott’ has got an answer for it all.
With freshness, imagination, lusciousness!

And better yet...

Advice on the organisation of your menu and wine selection?
A full meal to plan, brought and served for you?
Or maybe a Cocotte’ Chef right in your kitchen?
Have your feast delivered to a château? To a boat?
An event organised in our banquet hall (accommodating up to 500)?
No problem. Cocott has got it covered!

Pleasing the palate, pleasing the eye

It is from decades of demanding culinary expertise
and the talent of Le Coq Hardi’s master chefs
that Cocott’ has inherited its savoir-faire, peerless
suppliers and choice of ingredients. Little winder that
even the simplest sandwich takes on a new dimension,
and that the apple pie and prepared dishes bring back the flavours of yesteryear.

Your thousand and one cravings available at the shop or by order.

Cocott’ is open year round for all your occasions, appetites
or wishes to have company for dinner or make someone
happy with a gift. On the premises or to take away...
Baked goods, sandwiches, pastries, entremets, ice cream,
cocktails, prepared dishes and, of course: foie gras,
champagne, wines, cheeses, gift boxes.
To order: Soups, hot and cold appetisers, fish,
meats, poultry, full menus, party trays.





Le Chantaco
Hotel du Coq Hardi - Avenue de la Victoire - 55100 Verdun
Tél. +33 (0)3 29 86 36 36 - Fax +33 (0)3 29 86 09 21

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